Art Installation Immerses Viewers in Virtual Forest and Shimmering Particles
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A contemplative space to consider forests and climate processes

MADISON, Wis. - WisconsinEagle -- When A Tree Thrives, an art installation at Garver Feed Mill in Madison, Wisconsin, immerses visitors in a towering virtual forest of translucent black and white suspended sculptures with shimmering particles floating in the spaces between. Atmosphere, transformed by forests as they help regulate climate, is envisioned via these small floating bits painstakingly hand-cut from recyclable plastic bottles and other miscellany gathered from the local community. The installation is open through April 15 and is free to the public.

The white spirit trees, sewn from translucent fabric, symbolize deforestation and tree species endangered by shifting weather patterns caused by climate change. The more vigorous yet shroud-like forms of the black trees originate from a project examining the invasive species decimating the ash tree population. Beaded and embroidered with patterns symbolizing the life cycle of the emerald ash borer, the black trees proffer a warning that as climate change worsens, invasive species will become more prevalent.  "Forests resonate powerfully with me. It's where I sense history – and sometimes worry about our future," Rosing says.

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Twinkling as the air currents flow through the space, small bits of plastic, threaded and knotted on multi-color monofilament along with repurposed buttons, beads, and sequins, comprise nearly two hundred strands interspersed between the virtual trees, representing  invisible atmospheric elements including CO2 and water vapor. This virtual forest offers a sensory space to imagine hidden forces connecting trees to the atmosphere, climate change, and the water cycle.

"Trees cannot fly, run, or crawl to escape the escalating effects of climate change nor can they evolve as quickly as the climate is warming and weather patterns are shifting. We need forests to thrive so that we, too, may thrive." --Katherine Steichen Rosing.


Best known for her large-scale contemporary landscape paintings with densely layered surfaces and her passion for forests, installation has become a significant part of Rosing's studio practice in recent years. Her fascination with surface and color in painting is evident in the manipulation of materials in her installations. Rosing, MFA, is the recipient of numerous grants and has exhibited her work across the USA and abroad including Tokyo, with work in many private and public collections.

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Garver Feedmill
3241 Garver Green, Madison, WI 53704
Open 7 days a week, 9 am – 9 pm

ON VIEW through April 15, 2021
The exhibition can be viewed outdoors through three large windows, or visitors may follow a socially distanced path that includes viewing spots in the middle of the installation.

Katherine Steichen Rosing

Source: Katherine Steichen Rosing (StudioKSR)
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