Organic Valley Farmers Prioritize Taking Care of the Earth on Earth Day, and Every Day
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LA FARGE, Wis., April 4, 2024 ~ As Earth Month begins, Organic Valley is encouraging consumers to join them in celebrating the family farmers who are committed to protecting the earth through their organic farming practices. The cooperative has planned a month-long celebration with various activities and initiatives for consumers to participate in.

One of the highlights of Organic Valley's Earth Month celebration is the release of new video content on their social media channels. These videos will showcase the ways in which their farmer-owners honor and celebrate the earth every day. Viewers can also catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse on April 8 and the annual Spring Romp through "farmer cams" featured in the videos.

In addition, Organic Valley is hosting an Instagram giveaway on Earth Day where fans have a chance to win branded gear and have a tree planted in their honor on an Organic Valley farm. This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also gives back to the environment by planting trees.

For those looking to make a more tangible contribution, Organic Valley is offering a limited-edition bag from their "Upcycled" collection. These bags are made from repurposed material from Organic Valley billboards, making each one unique and environmentally friendly.

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Chris Wilson, an Organic Valley farmer-owner from Wisconsin, explains that their goal as farmers is to find ways to sequester carbon and promote healthy soil. This commitment to regenerative organic farming practices has made Organic Valley the nation's lowest carbon footprint dairy, making significant contributions towards fighting climate change.

To further promote climate-friendly dairy production, Organic Valley has established an innovative program called the Organic Valley Carbon Insetting Program (OVCIP). This program incentivizes and assists farmers in implementing regenerative farming practices that reduce or remove carbon from their farms. These practices include composting, planting trees in pastures, and using renewable energy on farmsteads.

Through OVCIP and other initiatives, Organic Valley farmers are safeguarding hundreds of thousands of acres from toxic pesticides. This not only protects the environment but also creates biodiverse landscapes that serve as havens for countless plants and animals. In fact, Organic Valley farmers have prevented over 540 million pounds of chemicals from polluting the land.

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Organic dairy farming not only produces high-quality dairy products but also plays a crucial role in carbon sequestration and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. On average, Organic Valley's national dairy farms have 24% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional U.S. dairy farms. This is due to their implementation of regenerative agricultural practices such as rotational grazing and soil enrichment, which enhance the soil's ability to store carbon.

Consumers can make a positive impact on Earth Day by choosing Organic Valley products that are ethically sourced from small family farms. These products are USDA certified organic and produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMOs. By supporting Organic Valley at their local grocery store, consumers are helping protect where their food comes from.

For those interested in learning more about Organic Valley and their commitment to sustainability, they can join the cooperative's community by signing up for their email newsletter. This will provide regular updates, exclusive content, and money-saving coupons.

As Earth Month continues, Organic Valley is leading the way in promoting sustainable farming practices and protecting the earth for future generations. Through their dedication to organic farming and innovative initiatives like OVCIP, they are setting an example for others to follow in creating a more sustainable food system.
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