The Rich Get Richer... By Design
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Even as the pandemic continues, the wealthy in America prosper. Even in the midst of massive unemployment, the rich become richer.

BROOKFIELD, Wis. - WisconsinEagle -- Even as the pandemic continues, the wealthy in America prosper.  Even in the midst of massive unemployment, the rich become richer. Democrat Tom Palzewicz is running for Wisconsin's Fifth Congressional District seat because he believes the economy should work for everyone, not just a chosen few.

     Palzewicz worked in the banking industry, in risk management.  He knows how money works.  Moreover, he understands that access to money separates one business from another.

     "What I learned in banking was that the closer you are to money, the easier it is to make money," said Palzewicz.   "The closer your job is to helping people, the harder it is to make money because we can't score it.  What is the value of a second grade teacher?  That teacher may have taught a billionaire, but where's his/her cut?  When you're working with money, there's an easy way to keep score, but if you're a social worker, teacher, or any professional that helps people, there's no way to score that. "

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     For Palzewicz, it comes down to values.  What  do people value in life and what is seen as valuable?  Most of the time, the answer is money.

     "It is easier to believe that there are people who don't want to work hard than it is to believe that there are people gaming the system," said Palzewicz. "I hear from Republicans all the time that they do not want to pay for people who don't want to work.  Well, neither do I.  But, why don't they want to work?  Is it because they have to take three bus rides for an hour and a half  to get there?  Is it because they don't have the money to go back to school, because society says without the education you can't get the job?  Or they want you to work for $7.25 an hour, which doesn't pay the rent?"

     "They may even agree that the system isn't fair, but changing it is incredibly hard," Palzewicz explained. "Minimum wage should be indexed, but Congress lacks the political will to do that.  It should be indexed to productivity, not inflation."

     Reagan said "the problem with government IS government."  He took measures to get government out of the way of big business. In doing so, power went away from the people, away from Congress, and into the hands of the lobbyists representing the wealthiest of Americans.

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     Palzewicz is pro-business and understands the needs of businesses, large and small.  He also believes in a level playing field, where all can compete.
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