DELU, The Perfect Year Round Yard Game
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DELU has been in the market for just over 1 year and is already changing the yard game industry with a game that is perfect to play inside or outside.

DELAFIELD, Wis. - WisconsinEagle -- DELU started out as a game created out of boredom, but is now a hit among hundreds of customers. JT Nejedlo, a recent graduate from UW-Madison created a new yard game that is changing the industry. DELU is the perfect game wrapped up into one. It is simple to learn and play, competitive, cross generational, and most importantly can be played inside or outside.

When Nejedlo created DELU, his intentions were to create a new tailgate game. What he realized is his game was perfect for playing inside. Being from Wisconsin, Nejedlo knows what it is like to be inside for months on end during the long and cold winters. He brought DELU to his freshman year dorm at UW-Madison and realized he found a breakthrough in the yard game industry, a game that can be played not only outside, but just as well inside. With squishy balls that won't break anything and the little space needed to play the game, DELU sets up perfectly for indoor play.

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The rules for DELU are simple. Players alternate tossing balls overhand. It must bounce only once on the ground to score. They score points based on where the ball lands, 1-4 points. The game is played to 20, but there is a twist. The top hole is an automatic win! "I wanted a game that was competitive no matter what the score is," said Nejedlo. "Cornhole isn't fun if the skill level is mismatched. DELU gives every player the chance to win, even if they are losing 19-0." DELU is a game that requires skill, but also a touch of luck, keeping the game exciting no matter the score or skill level.

DELU comes with a carry bag and lays flat when stored. This makes for the perfect game to bring with you wherever you go. On top of that, it is a cross generational game. One customer recently sent Nejedlo an email saying "I, my wife, and my 6 and 3 year old sons are all having a blast with it and my mother also really loves it. We just brought it over to her house and she played with my son for a bit." DELU is a way to bring the whole family together with a game that anyone can play.

Currently DELU is sold exclusively on, but Nejedlo hopes to soon increase his distribution into local toy stores as well as Amazon. For now you can order your game on DELU's website ( and try out the game that is changing the yard game industry!

Source: DELU Games

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