When The Call Hits Home | Episode 5: Brain Insights For High-Stress Lives!
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New Episode Examines High-Stress Professions and the Essential Understanding of Brain Biology

KENOSHA, Wis. - WisconsinEagle -- The *When The Call Hits Home* podcast has released a profound and deeply informative episode, addressing the critical impact of trauma, brain development, and family dynamics.

Hosted by Jennifer Woosley Saylor and Dr. Ashlee Gethner, with distinguished guest Dr. Hannah Coyt, this episode offers indispensable knowledge especially pertinent to individuals in high-stress occupations such as first responders and their families.

Key Elements of the Episode:

- Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Dysregulation: The episode provides a detailed examination of how the ANS, although vital for protection, can become dysregulated due to chronic trauma, causing an individual to perceive constant threats and experience difficulties in forming meaningful connections.

- Neuroanatomy and Trauma: Dr. Hannah Coyt elucidates the functions of the amygdala and hippocampus, components of the limbic system, and their roles in survival responses and memory.

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- Developmental Considerations in Parenting: Emphasizing that the prefrontal cortex, responsible for higher-order thinking, does not fully mature until the age of 23-25, Dr. Coyt discusses the implications of this for parenting. She underscores the necessity for parents to recognize the developmental limitations of their children and adjust their expectations accordingly.

- Impact of High-Stress Professions on Family Life: The episode explores the intricate challenges faced by individuals in high-stress roles, such as first responders, when transitioning from the pressures of their work to the home environment. Dr. Coyt offers plausible strategies to facilitate this transition, including downtime, self-care, and involvement in regulatory activities.

- Advancements in Trauma-Informed Treatment: The episode highlights effective trauma-informed therapeutic modalities such as EMDR and polyvagal theory, advocating for their use by both first responders and their families. Systemic counseling and the promotion of coregulation within family units are also discussed.

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- Therapeutic Role of Nature: The hosts and Dr. Coyt discuss the benefits of nature in restoring nervous system balance, recommending activities such as family walks and outdoor engagements.

- Fostering Moments of Connection: The episode stresses the importance of fostering brief but meaningful moments of joy and connection within the family, especially amidst the pervasive stress of high-stress professions.

About Dr. Hannah Coyt:
Dr. Hannah Coyt brings a wealth of expertise, informed by her personal experiences and marriage to a state trooper. Her dedication to improving mental health in the law enforcement community is evident as she advocates for a deeper understanding of neuroscience and trauma.

About When The Call Hits Home
*When The Call Hits Home* is a podcast focusing on the experience of two mental health professionals that were raised by first responders looking to build a community for First Responders and their families.


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