Why Truth Really Matters Especially Now
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When there is no standard, no accepted truth, anything can pass for fact. The Bible gives us truth.

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The Bible still has a reasonable reputation. It's the "good book" after all and there are still people who will say that the Bible is fine, but keep it to yourself. They may even own one, but seldom, if ever, read it. Or if they do chose to read Scripture, they fail to grasp its intended message.

People get off on theological rabbit chases and wind up missing the point entirely. Armed with their own opinion, they forego the truth for an alternative reality. Their views supersede those of the Biblical writer and as this delusion grows, the truth of the Bible is ignored, forgotten and lost in the conversation.

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The Bible interprets itself. Everything is explained. But man loves to make up his own religion, so we get churches preaching anything but Biblical truth in favor of a politically correct, watered down version of the Gospel.

Questioning the truth of the Bible seems to satisfy an ego need. "Well, I question that..." People sometimes believe they are great intellectual thinkers when in reality they are just refusing to accept the obvious.

Ask God to show you truth

Visit https://The-Bible.net for more information.

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