Madison: Rosie the Rubbisher & Sir Crushalot Are Leading Right Now. Voting ends on July 5, 2022
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You have until July 5, 2022 to vote on the name of the electric compactors at the Sycamore Avenue drop-off site.

When you vote, you will be ranking the top five names for the trash compactor and recycling compactor from the list of finalists.

The name with the most points at the close of the election wins.

To vote, go to the "Name Our Compactors" page on the Streets Division drop-off site page,

Top Scores for Trash & Recycling Compactor Names So Far
At the time of this release, the election has received rankings from slightly more than 1,300 different ballots.

Below are the top five scores for the trash and recycling compactors so far with a week left in the election:
  • Trash Compactor
  1. Rosie the Rubbisher - 2,391 points
  2. Crush Farley - 1,997 points
  3. Trashy McTrashface - 1,976 points
  4. Squashbob Trashpants - 1,860 points
  5. Alexander Cramilton - 1,839 points
  • Recycling Compactor
  1. Sir Crushalot - 1,955 points
  2. Stone Cold Squeeze Often - 1,935 points
  3. George Squashington - 1,924 points
  4. Pulverine - 1,769 points
  5. Ron Squeezely - 1,709 points

As you can see from the point totals, the election is close. Sir Crushalot has just a four first-choice vote lead over Stone Cold Squeeze Often. And fewer than 80 first-choice votes separate Rosie the Rubbisher from Crush Farley.

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In fact, any of the fifteen finalist names for the trash and recycling compactors still has a chance to become the winning names if you vote.

You have an opportunity to rally your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, teammates, or others in your social orbit to vote for the name (or names) you prefer – but you are running out of time.

You have until July 5, 2022 to add your choices to help select the names.

How the Voting Works
In making your choice online, you will rank your top five choices for the compactor names. When you vote, can choose fewer than five names if you prefer, but you must vote for at least one name for the trash and recycling compactors.

The name you rank as your #1 choice will receive five points.

The name you rank as your #2 choice will receive four points.

The name you rank as your #3 choice will receive three points.

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The name you rank as your #4 choice will receive two points.

And the name you rank as your #5 choice will receive one point.

The name with the highest overall vote totals will be declared the winner.

The winning name will be revealed after the election at a to-be-scheduled naming ceremony.

Additional Information
More information about all of the Streets Division services can be found at

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