Top Social Media Influencers and Streamers Rave about new Spatial Gaming Platform Wormhole™ at TwitchCon 2019
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Reach of Sign Ups Tops Tens of Millions of Followers and Includes Streamers and Influencers D1, OMGitsfirefoxx, Disguised Toast, and Classify

LOS ANGELES - WisconsinEagle -- Wormhole™  (, a global scale social technology platform that merges the real world with the virtual world, received a massive amount of sign ups from Twitch Partners, affiliated streamers, and fans alike at TwitchCon 2019.

For the first time ever, people can experience enhanced teleporting throughout the world like you are actually there and walking around – to socialize, interact with their favorite streamer, play games, crowdsource and shop. Known as Wormholing™, this is made possible by a patented platform that combines commerce enabled XR, Search and Stitch-able Streaming.

Streamers and attendees at TwitchCon noted that Wormhole™ is "like Ready Player One coming to real life."

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"Being able to stay home and go to other locations from the comfort of my bedroom is exciting, especially as a person who already travels quite a bit. I also think that being able to see the live streams of the avatars will help with discoverability, which is so important to growing on the platform." -D1 (@xD1x)

"The fact that you can be anywhere you want, and with your friends, is really cool." -Classify

Alongside D1 and Classify, Streamers and Social Media Influencers signing up with the platform included OMGitsfirefoxx, Disguised Toast, and Sleightlymusical, EE, Chloe Lockley (ChloeLock), WantedOW, Pettans, Tocata, Bryce Hutchinson (ItsBrycehutch), Amouranth, Rizzoh & VGBootCamp.

Wormhole™ enables streamers to engage and monetize their brand and communities more easily. Streamers can create customized 3D Spatial Environments, known as Clubhouses, that fans and friends can hang out in as custom avatars, as well as purchase exclusive skins and merch, even when they are not streaming.

Created by Wormhole Labs, the technology has been in Beta in 108 countries and is designed to be a platform that builds community and gives streamers and their fans a more immersive and intimate social experience.

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Founder and CEO Curtis Hutten shared, "The response has been phenomenal from the community. People from across the globe see the potential of how Wormholing can empower streamers and content creators and create a new level of intimacy, immersion and interaction for all levels of gamers."

Co-chairman Rowland Hanson, an early marketing executive at Microsoft who named Windows, and oversaw its branding and launch, believes the technology platform is the solution for the future of the gaming industry. "Wormhole™ consolidates XR, Search, and Immersive Commerce all into a single platform, and combines it with a social experience. The application of the Wormhole™ technology is endless and I believe this has the power to be bigger than Windows."

The platform is currently onboarding partners via signing up Streamers and Social Media Influencers, and they will be able to onboard their followers on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. You can reserve your User Name and sign up for Wormhole™ at

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